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Los Angeles Belly Dancers



Amber fell in love with the art of belly dancing in 1997. She had no idea that when she held a veil in her hands for the very first time, it would shape her entire future. Amber continued to go to weekly classes and workshops that were taught by some of the best and well known belly dance teachers in the world. Amber was able to develop an amazing blend of technique and soon became one of the most sought after dancers in the greater Tampa Bay area.


Amber Moved to LA in 2002 and since has created a name for herself by performing at many local restaurants, night clubs and special events. She has also been hired in numerous music video's, print ads and TV shows including MTV and E! Entertainment. Amber performs as a soloist and with one of LA's top international dance companies all through out southern CA and Vegas. Amber has traveled to Egypt to further study this art and culture. Amber is skilled in veil, zills, cane, sword, wings and candelabra.


Amber continues to train in dance but now focuses on taking her object balancing skills to a whole new and unknown level by blending traditional techniques with circus acrobatics.

Amber began her circus career by exploring classes in many different disciplines at the top circus schools in LA. She was soon accepted into a pre-professional circus troupe where she was able to develop her unique skills into a one of a kind double sword act.


Since then she has performed in several full length circus theatre

productions. She has toured with traditional style circus's and continues to perform locally and

with traveling shows. Amber now performs aerial spanish web and low wire in addition to her double sword act. She is continuously training in her main disciplines but also enjoys training in flying trapeze and chinese pole. 

Amber is always striving to push her dance and circus work further and to explore more ways to leave her audience with an unforgettable experience.

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